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especiales > Haus M, Gruenwald, Alemania / Titus Bernhard Architekten [01/03/10]

Haus M, Gruenwald, Germany

The house is a further development of 'Haus 9x9'. The distinctive feature of the property lies in its north-facing slope, which has to be negotiated over two storeys to reach the almost flat garden level. This gives rise to the theme of a 'house winding up the slope', which creates an interference of heavy and light between the cquarry façade and the minimalistic windows.

Despite its complex geometry, the house is organised in clearly perceivable zones, based initially on additive modules of 7.80 by 7.80 metres.

Lighting plays a particularly important role. Lateral light from the south and west and overhead light in the north and east sections make systematic use of shadow and diffuse light.


Location: Gruenwald / Munich

Completion: 2008

Architect: Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA, Augsburg / Germany

Photography: Jens Weber, Munich

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